AM-BAX 5000 Treatment Table

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Bar Activated Hi-Lo Control Treatment Table with Powered Elevating Center and 3 Piece Head Section * Bar activated Hi Lo control allows control of the table height while keeping both hands on the patient and both feet on the floor * The control is designed to allow easy access from anywhere around the table without disrupting the treatment * The center section is motorized to allow positioning with the patientÊs full weight on the table * The center section motor controls are located on each side of the center section to allow adjustment without losing contact with the patient * Capacity: 400 lbs * Height range 19 - 38 * Top Section: Three Piece Width: 27 Length: 72 * Head Section: 15 x 13 Raises 25 degrees - Lowers 45 degrees * Contoured Face/ Nose Opening * The armrests have a range of 6 vertical adjustment while remaining on a plane with the center section * Center Section: 19 x 27 Motorized to Raise 15 degrees * Foot Section: 38 x 27 Raises 70 degrees
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