Rollator Parts & Accessories

Basket Only for #11045 Series Rollators Lumex

Basket only for our #11045 series of Lumex rollators



Caster Only 6 (Each) for #11037 Rollator Series

Replacement 6 Caster only for use with #11037A 11037B and #11037C Rollators



Brake Assy for DMI Rollators Lt & Rt Cable Grip & Handle

Includes Brake Cable Handle and Grip * Fits MABISĀ© Rollators: 501-1028 Series 501-1029 Series 501-1012 Series 501-2012 Series 501-3012 Series *...



Upcoming Products
These items will be in stock soon
Item Name Date Expected
Brake Assembly Right for 11040 series Rollator 12/31/2099
Brake System only for R6 Rollators 12/31/2099
Fork Stem Bolt only for item 750NB 12/31/2099
Front Insert Nut only for item 750NB 12/31/2099
Bolt only for 3 Wheel Rollator 12/31/2099
Rollator Brake Cable only 12/31/2099
Carry Bag for Rollator 12/31/2099
Carry Bag for Standard Style Transport Chair 12/31/2099
Tote for 4-Wheel Rollators 12/31/2099
Back Rest for 750 Series Rollators 12/31/2099