Back & Neck Therapy

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Item Name Date Expected
ObusForme CustomAIR Backrest w/Adj Lumbar Support 12/31/2099
Obus Neck and Shoulder Wrap 12/31/2099
ObusForme Display only 12/31/2099
Obus SlimJim Catalogs w/ Display 12/31/2099
The Sitback Cushion Obusforme Black 12/31/2099
Lumbar Support with Massage Obusforme Black(Side to Side) 12/31/2099
McKenzie Lumbar Roll Standard 12/31/2099
McKenzie Lumbar Roll Firm 12/31/2099
48 Body Pillow 12/31/2099
Obus Custom Comfort Pillow Queen 12/31/2099